By: ryanmercer

Mar 03 2009

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We have a new president, Barack Hussein Obama II, his father was Kenyan, his mother American and their is still a dispute and many lawsuits over the fact that he has not proven that he was born in Hawaii as claimed, and that in fact he may have been born in Kenya, when his mother was a minor making him not a natural-born citizen, so not capable of being president.
I had a good year I suppose, we buried Grandpa Jack in December, he fell while cleaning windows and then suffered a stroke in the hospital, by the time I found out and went to see him he was already mostly gone. He passed a little after. Dick told some fun stories at the funeral, including the story of you two and the mushroom.
The mushroom! I have the mushroom! For whatever reason there was no will, and Marilyn auctioned the house and everything in it off, however Dick grabbed the mushroom for me and it is now in the living room and I see it every day. It will be a fun story for my children and grand-children when I get around to having them.
I went over and visited with Dick for several hours one day, that is when he gave me the mushroom. I now have him writing down everything he can think of as far as my ancestors so I can work on the Mercer branch of the family tree. I had good luck on Mary’s maternal side and traced them back to the mid 1700’s, turns out someone on that line fought for a PA infantry company in the Revolution.
That is really all I have this year, it seems I have less to talk about every year as I get older and big events in my life come less often. 8 more days and it will have been 11 years… I miss you. The only thing I have this year to look forward to is I plan on going and camping at a very large Medieval Re-enactment type thing for a week with Josh (a friend I met through Aaron after you died, ah and I don’t see Aaron any more, and seldom hear from him on the internet) Seeing Jack in the hospital was hard as he was on the same floor as you, and he was just a shell. I don’t think he had any idea who I was, or anyone else for that matter. I miss you dad.
-Ryan Carl Mercer.


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