The Confessional, my review of the complete film

By: ryanmercer

Mar 01 2009

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For immediate release.
The movie The Confessional to take nation by storm.
We find that our villain Leonard is what Sylar (of Heroes) would be without powers. I first watched the trailer and a teaser for this on YouTube and was awed by it, I was then fortunate enough to be allowed to view the film in it’s entirety. I have to say that I absolutely love it. It has a nice Hitchcock feel to it but at the same time brings something new to the screen. Peter Quartaroli does a phenomenal job playing a deranged man masquerading as a Catholic priest in a small town. At first some might be turned off by the character development that takes place the first hour, however any and all thriller fans will fall in love with the movie as it moves past the first hour… don’t get me wrong the first hour is great too, I just know most today are accustomed to senseless violence in the first seconds of a film thanks to horrible creations such as the Saw movies. If you are a Hitchcock fan, then you will love this movie. It is my opinion that if Alfred were still alive, he’d commend James Anthony Cotton on making what hopefully will become a cult-classic that also takes the masses by storm.
James Anthony Cotton, give us more films like this. – IMDB listing – Trailer – Teaser


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