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Jun 10 2008

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“What is the most rigorous law of our being? Growth. No smallest atomof our moral, mental, or physical structure can stand still a year. Itgrows-it must grow; nothing can prevent it.” -Mark Twain

Belowis an lj-cut… I went ahead and put this behind a cut, because well…it has turned into something quite long. At first I set out to have afew paragraphs, now its a small book. I urge you to read it, I only putit behind the cut to keep your friends page from being miles long.

Loveis that fragile flower of the most uncommon beauty. One which can neverbe found by purpose alone while wandering through life’s gardens, yetone whose color and fragrance is most pure and meaningful whendiscovered by accident while tending to the more mundane duties of thecommon man. A diamond found lying quietly amongst the broken glass ofchildhood’s shattered windows.

To love another is the supremesacrifice of self, For one must give freely and completely of themselfto another, unconditional… without any reservation. To give lessserves only to sabotage the evolution from self sustaining isolation toa greater joining of intimate awareness.

Love defiesgeneralizations. Poets, philosophers, theologians, and countless othershave ascribed their own theories and interpretations but often theystill fall short of the goal of capturing the true nature of thisunfathomable entity. The strength of love lies in its diversity. Itpossesses the unique ability to evolve, change, and permutate over thecourse of our lives. Just as we grow outwardly we must also growinwardly. Our thoughts, realizations, and perceptions are givencredence by our individual experiences on the separate paths we followin our quest for love. And as love is an integral part of our innerselves, so it must grow and mature as well. It possesses the ability toadapt to its internal as well as its external environment. It not onlychanges as we change but it also ebbs and flows, unlike the steady tideof the seas, outwardly dependent on the receptivity of those to whom itis directed.

During certain periods of our lives love may seemto fade or even disappear entirely from our emotional palette. But onceconceived it never truly ceases to exist. Love is the ultimatesurvivor. It has a will to live as strong as the will of its humancontainer. If necessary, it may hibernate, withdraw like a turtle intoits shell. When it is rebuffed or rejected by the harshness and coldcomplacency which can be so common in others, it folds in on itselfuntil which time it again feels safe to venture out into a morenurturing environment. But it does not die.

We say we fall inlove but this isn’t right… we don’t fall anywhere, we simply open ourhearts and allow the love inside to project its energy towards theheart of another. If it is well received and properly tended, itcreates a spiritual bond between the two hearts. However, love is anindividualized emotion. It is a part of who we are and just as no twopeople share the exact same emotional make-up, neither can they sharetotally identical expressions of their love for one another. The beautyof a strong and viable relationship is seen when two souls meet and thecolors of their love complement each other.

We are in love whenwe can find that fragile state of being where our individual lovedemands no more than the other person can give and when we can providethe necessary energies to allow them to be fulfilled as well. Lovecares nothing for equality but it insists on balance. That balance ispossible only when both people are satisfied that their ownexpectations and needs in a relationship are being adequately providedfor.

It is our duty to our mate and our responsibility toourselves to make clear the window to our souls. Love thrives oncommunication and tolerance. That which we desire and that which we canaccept as a reasonable equivalent must be verbalized or otherwise madeunmistakably apparent to our lover. Understanding and compromise arethe banquets on which love feasts. And conversely, assumption and anunyielding insistence on prerequisites for our love are the saberswhich will inevitably sever the emotional bond that love provides.

Weare merely passengers on our ship of destiny and love is the compassthat guides our journey through life. Whether it is love for anotherhuman being, a cherished goal, or a desire to find completeness andmeaning to our lives bears little consequence on the necessity forfollowing the course that love charts. Love cannot live comfortably ina vacuum. It must be allowed free reign and be given the opportunity toexplore beyond the confining walls of self-protection which weconstruct as barriers to the ravages of life. It is the flagship of oursoul and the purveyor of our most cherished dreams of a purposefulexistence. Love we hide or hold back from others out of fear is lovewasted. It is of no value to us when held inside but can increase invalue a hundredfold when shared with another like minded individual orwhen directed towards a greater aspiration beyond our own selfish needs.

Love’sreality, like beauty, is held solely in the eyes of the beholder. Andlove’s vision, if we must transpose a physical sense upon anon-physical entity, is crystal clear. It seeks that which coincidesappropriately with its own desires. It is not foolproof, nor is italways accurate in striking close to the heart of its target.Nevertheless, it is an essential component of our soul’s repertoire andmust be given the autonomy it requires to seek out that which holdspromise to provide the needed sustenance for its own growth.

Weare more than often left wanting, unfulfilled and incomplete, in ourusual interactions with the vast majority of those we meet in ourlives… but that takes nothing away from love’s dream of compassionatesurrender to the possibilities for the future, and therein lies theinstinct for love’s survival, and perhaps our own. It presents itselfas a determination to force us through the frailties of mortalexistence… obligating us to maintain an uncompromising optimismtowards the realization of spiritual completeness that may lie dormantbut aware in the souls of others we encounter along the way.

Loveis the source of the most extreme short term emotions. Periodically, itis the most painful and dangerous sensation imaginable. You’ll cryharder then you thought possible, you will think dark, poisonousthoughts. However… it is the source of the purest pleasure you willever experience. A brief conversation, look, or moment of physicalcontact, and you’re off, eyes glazed, head full of fluff, and with astupid grin plastered over your face… but these are fleeting,ephemeral emotions. Many people mistake these feelings for love, thinkthat their despair and hatred proves their love, or that the buzzingsense of joy is all that love is. But these feelings are only theconsequences of love.

Love is not words, or actions, it is notcrushing despair or rapturous joy… it is simply a state of being, andone that feels as effortless and natural as breathing. When you arewith your love you feel impossibly at ease, and when he or she isabsent you feel distant, distracted and incomplete. You may find itdifficult to identify the cause of these feelings, so intrinsic andinstinctive have your emotions become. It is easy to notice the intenseand extreme sensations, but the more subtle, true emotions can bemissed if you aren’t careful.

Love is a choice to do the highestgood for someone. Love is the bond of perfectness… love is theperfect glue. Love is noble and idealistic. Love is the highest of allthe virtues.

Love is for givers, not getters. Those who demandto be loved before they will love shouldn’t be surprised if no onegives them love. Lovers live in a world of giving. The getters, theones who are looking for love, is a different world. We have a duty tolove, but we have no guarantees that we will be loved. We have it inour power to love, but we have no power to force others to love us. Itis folly to spend life demanding love from others. If we a
re truelovers, our entire mindset is in a giving mode. There is no place forbemoaning the ways others neglect us.

Love requires the givingof ones’ self to another. It involves an element of self-depletion,self-exhaustion. Love is empathic. It puts itself in someone else’sshoes. Love seeks to understand. Love cares. It does not pre-judge. Itdoes not pass sentences. Love does not jump to conclusions. Love doesnot throw down ultimatums. Love does not declare war on its object.Love is tender, it is kind, it is forgiving.

Love can build abridge across great divides. Love is more powerful than any otherforce, because love stands for the best interest. Love will only dogood. Love will do no evil. Love is the most irresistible force knownto humanity.

Sometimes… I ask myself… “Is there anyone outthere for me?” quite often I start to think “No, no there isn’t”however… saying that to myself is unfair. There is someone out therefor me… they are probably several people out there for me… I justneed to find one of them. First though, I have to stop moping around, Ihave to give up the life of feeling bad because I don’t have anyone…I’ll never have anyone if I don’t get over that and move on. Yes, thereIS someone out there for me, there IS someone out there for ALL of us.

I could easily go on for ages, however I’ll be nice and end this here. If you’ve read this far… I say, Thank You.


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