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By: ryanmercer

May 08 2008

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In order to accomplish the transition from our present global war-based “civilization” to one which will enable humanity to live peaceful and prosperous lives after the period of planetary cleansing, a team of non-human beings from another realm began arriving on planet Earth during the 19th century.
The souls of these beings entered the bodies of babies whose souls voluntarily departed during a near death experience. It is essential to differentiate between these non-human beings and opportunistic human souls known as “walk ins” who incarnate into a body whose soul has departed for other reasons.
One of the first of these non-human beings to arrive on earth entered the body of a young boy who had been born in Eastern Europe in 1857.
The boy was adventurous but displayed no remarkable talents. One day he attempted to fly by leaping from a considerable height with the aid of an umbrella. Badly injured, it was while he underwent a near death experience that his soul apparently was replaced by that of a non human. As soon as the body had recovered from its injuries, the boy suddenly displayed a talent for mathematics and physics and later was awarded some 1200 patents for his inventions which included the AC dynamo. He also laid the foundation for free energy systems and anti-gravitic devices. This incredible inventor and towering intellect was Nikola Tesla.
That Tesla was no mere mortal is evidenced by the fact that upon recovering from his near death experience, the boy began solving mathematical problems with the aid of ternary logic. What’s so unusual about that? Simply that human society has adopted a binary code for the purpose of managing its affairs. Binary (Boolean) logic upon which our present computer software industry is based, only employs two values: one or zero, in other words binary logic only provides for “yes” or “no” answers, without an alternative.
Ternary logic on the other hand allow values to not only increase or diminish, but also to remain constant. Because our computer software lacks a third logical alternative, an abnormally large number of circuit elements are required in modern computers, resulting in harmful high frequency electromagnetic radiation, overheating and slow computing speeds. Russian technologists actually developed a remarkable computer in 1958 which employed a ternary code and tri-stable memory elements. Later ternary models were significantly smaller and faster than present day P.C..’s, less complex, had simpler circuitry (consisting of ferrite cores and diodes) and never overheated or crashed. Marketing pressure perpetrated by Microsoft prevented Russia from commercializing its superior computer technology.
When humanity begins to restart its new civilization sometime after 2012, it’s imperative that the world of commerce adopts ternary logic in order to find true attunement with the cosmos, for both the universal logarithmic scalar standing wave and all of nature incorporates ternary logic. The universal standing wave for instance, has zones of growth, stability and even decay, with which all natural systems within the universe resonate.


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