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By: ryanmercer

Mar 25 2008

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What a bitch… I wasas talking to this girl, have been for a week and she was talking about how she always thought in highschool she’d be an environmental scientist but ended up becoming a manager at walgreens. So I was like “well why didn’t you go with the ES… you could have been attractive and called yourself a geek” and she totally flipped out and was telling me that I just insulted her, and I said “I’m a geek and I”m damn proud of it, geek and nerd are titles of honor” and she just kept going on and on about how no they aren’t honorable titles etc etc and how scientists are not geeks etc etc. She told me I’m single becuase I’m stupid… and I told her “why don’t you go the a proctologist and get the fucking tree stump out of your ass” hahah


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