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By: ryanmercer

Mar 11 2008

Category: Uncategorized

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So I just had dinner with Bookslinger… we went to an Asian buffet… and I tried Asian food for the first time… and erm… it was alright but I”m totally not a fan… however… I got this big piece of fish, that LOOKED cooked… turns out it wasn’t… thats ok, I didn’t mind and I ate about 4/5 of it… till I saw a piece of scale on my plate… then I realized… the entire bottom of that piece of fish, had the scales on it… and I had just eaten them… which… if I would have known before eating it I would have been ok, but finding that out after eating almost all of it… lets just say my stomach turned for a few seconds until I got control over it. Other than that it was a very interesting experience and I’m glad I gave Asian food a try.


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