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By: ryanmercer

Jan 17 2008

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Well let us see… I relaized I hadn’t done a proper post in a bit after scrolling through friends posts and seeing Laura had done a proper post. I apologize but I simply don’t have anything to talk about as my life is fairly boring.
Not much is going on, my life consists of going to work and sitting at home. I’m looking for a better paying job as FTN just doesn’t have any room for growth. Things have been farely quiet here at home for a week or so which is odd but welcomed. What else… not much really. Barely anyone remembers me for the Wii anymore… just a few hard-core fans that I ponder get a restraining order on some days becuase they get overly excited to see me around online.
Other than that… well that is it. Since I parted ways with Josh (and Ash did as well) I only leave the house for work. Only real time I’ve gotten out of the house in those several months is when I went out for coffee with a girl… well thats not completely true.
Madison and I hung out a few times, and spent a lot of time on the phone talking. She was just screwing with my head I believe… as she’s not over her child’s father at all, they were and are sleeping with each other (despite fighting for custody of their child) and that is just a screwed up mess so I walkes away from it. I always wondered if we’d work again… for years and years I wondered but now I know, and I have my closure on it. No, we wouldn’t have… even if it wasn’t for that guy becuase… well… I simply can’t stand her (And I realize that I never really could).
Well, yeah… that’s about it. Nothing exciting sorry.


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