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By: ryanmercer

Dec 27 2007

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(9:34:07 PM) RyanMercer: Jeff, so much about this world angers me.
(9:34:19 PM) RyanMercer: Nothing about this country, nothing about anything is good anymore
(9:34:22 PM) RyanMercer: Everything is screwed up.
(9:34:33 PM) RyanMercer: This country is screwed up, we now go against every single thing this country was founded for and on.
(9:34:42 PM) RyanMercer: Same thing with the craft around here
(9:34:49 PM) RyanMercer: Same thing with the closest thing to a real church
(9:35:52 PM) RyanMercer: put me back in time 200 years.
(9:35:55 PM) RyanMercer: When America stood for something
(9:36:00 PM) RyanMercer: When Masonry stood for something.
(9:36:46 PM) RyanMercer: I am ashamed to be an American now days.
(9:37:06 PM) RyanMercer: We were founded on freedom…
(9:37:17 PM) RyanMercer: And now… you can’t say anything without offending someone and getting taken to court over it.
(9:37:38 PM) RyanMercer: You can’t practice your religious beliefs in public becuase you’ll hurt someone else’s feelings, becuase it isn’t the politically correct thing to do
(9:37:59 PM) RyanMercer: You can’t practice some religions in your home, becuase your neighbor says you are brainwashing your children and protective services comes and takes your children away
(9:38:28 PM) RyanMercer: You can’t own a gun to protect yourself without jumping through a million hoops, and then you have to be very careful on what you do with the firearm so it deosn’t get taken away
(9:38:56 PM) RyanMercer: You can’t be self-sufficient because most places in this country have zoning restrictions on what you can and can’t do on your land
(9:39:35 PM) RyanMercer: You can’t speak your mind at work about politics or religion becuase you are going to offend someone, and then be a liability to your employer, meaning your ass is fired
(9:39:49 PM) RyanMercer: If you say hi to your neighbor, you are likely to be shot
(9:40:06 PM) RyanMercer: If you take food to a sick neighbor, they’ll probably call the cops saying you are trying to poison them
(9:40:16 PM) RyanMercer: IN california they are trying to make it illegal to spank your child
(9:40:18 PM) RyanMercer: saying it’s child abuse
(9:41:16 PM) RyanMercer: If you spank your child too hard, or in front of the wrong person it IS child abuse, say good bye to your kid and say hello to your new cell mate, Bubba who is serving life for aggrevated assault, rape, grand theft auto, and sodomy… which he plans on continuing to practice with you
(9:42:19 PM) RyanMercer: Voice distaste for the president… and make any mention of his life ending prematurely… chances are you Secret Police… I mean… Nazi death squad… I mean… Secret Service are going to kick in your door, detain you without the right to a lawyer, and maybe even send you to Cuba as a terrorist
(9:42:54 PM) RyanMercer: Try to take a bottle of water on a plane, chances are you are going to be sitting alone in a small room for many many many hours
(9:43:03 PM) RyanMercer: after a cavity search by some underpaid TSA agent
(9:43:33 PM) RyanMercer: Make bio-diesel, and fail to pay a fuel tax… IRS is gonna come visit you, and make your life hell, because you wanted to be independant of foreign fuel, without giving the government your money.
(9:43:56 PM) RyanMercer: Then you get taxed through the damn nose, so people can rebuild their damn houses in New Olreans… a GIANT BOWL, BELOW SEA LEVEL, THAT SITS ON THE OCEAN.
(9:43:58 PM) RyanMercer: NO NO NO
(9:44:14 PM) RyanMercer: You tell them dumb asses, to move 20 miles away, where it is ABOVE SEA LEVEL if they want to rebuild
(9:44:28 PM) RyanMercer: Becuase, damned if I want my taxes to go to them next year, whent he shit happens again
(9:44:49 PM) RyanMercer: And what is this crap they teach kids in school
(9:44:54 PM) RyanMercer: They re-write history every damn day
(9:44:59 PM) jeffday1830
(9:45:01 PM) RyanMercer: Kid’s don’t pledge allegiance to the flag
(9:45:16 PM) RyanMercer: Instead they are taught how to make lizzard keychains in "home economics" using beads
(9:45:27 PM) RyanMercer: but they are never taught how to balance a checkbook, or that credit cards are evil
(9:48:00 PM) RyanMercer: "Little Johnny, did I just see you pray before you ate your lunch? Go to the princpials office, you are expelled! You can’t do that here! No faith, have no faith, screw religion, you aren’t allowed to have religion, I don’t give a damn what the constitution promises you, you DON’T have freedom of religion, you have no freedom, the only freedom you have is the right to be taxed insanely becuase our tax code is the 5 feet high when if we would adopt fair tax it would fill one paragraph on one sheet of A4 paper, but that would cause the federal government to reduce spending by getting rid of the IRS, and then we couldn’t arrest mobsters for tax evasion becuase we are too incompetent to catch them for the crimes they are actualyl guilty of, so go to the principals office, you have no right or freedom for or of religion"
(9:48:20 PM) RyanMercer: This isn’t the United States of America
(9:48:25 PM) RyanMercer: this is the United States of Oppression
(9:48:29 PM) RyanMercer: This is the United States of Blasphemy
(9:48:36 PM) RyanMercer: This is the United States of Horseshit
(9:49:05 PM) RyanMercer: The founders of this country are flopping around in their graves like fish out of water because the country they formed with sweat blood and tears
(9:49:06 PM) RyanMercer: is gone
(9:49:07 PM) RyanMercer: and has been gone
(9:49:28 PM) RyanMercer: And now, one of the presidential candidates…
(9:49:36 PM) RyanMercer: went to school… at a KNOW AL QAEDA TRAINING FACILITY for YEARS
(9:49:46 PM) RyanMercer: But no one seems to have a problem with that
(9:50:11 PM) RyanMercer: And stop giving government jobs to ACTORS
(9:50:16 PM) RyanMercer: It’s bad enough we had an actor for a president
(9:50:27 PM) RyanMercer: then we’ve got them as senators, congressman, governors
(9:50:43 PM) RyanMercer: We’ve got a teenager in highschool as a mayor in at least three towns in this country
(9:50:46 PM) RyanMercer: ANd you know what
(9:50:53 PM) RyanMercer: They probably do a better job, than any other mayor in this country
(9:51:22 PM) RyanMercer: You know why, becuase they aren’t rich, they don’t have anything they want, they have problems, they have issues, they are connected to the people
(9:51:42 PM) RyanMercer: They aren’t from blue-blood families that haven’t had to do an honest days work in generations
(9:51:51 PM) RyanMercer: I hope Iran gets it’s nukes
(9:52:07 PM) RyanMercer: I hoep North Korea builds a stockpile before they cease nuclear production
(9:52:19 PM) RyanMercer: I hope Putin brings the iron curtain back up
(9:52:27 PM) RyanMercer: And I hope all three of them, turn every nuke they have on us
(9:52:39 PM) RyanMercer: and turn the United States of Shame into a giant piece of glow-in-the-dark glass
(9:52:45 PM) RyanMercer: because America doesn’t deserve to exist anymore
(9:52:49 PM) RyanMercer: We’ve shit on everything we ever stood for
(9:52:59 PM) RyanMercer: *goes to bed*


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