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By: ryanmercer

Dec 05 2007

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I saw this on a friends Myspace… I completely agree
“his is an editorial written by an American citizen, published in a Tampa newspaper. He did quite a job; didn’t he? Read on, please!
I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are
offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks
on Sept. 11th, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of
Americans. However…… the dust from the attacks had barely settled when the “politically correct!” crowd began complaining about the possibility
that our patriotism was offending others.
I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone who is
seeking a better life by coming to America . Our population is
almost entirely made up of descendants of immigrants.
However, there are a few things that those who
have recently come to our country, and apparently some born here, need to
understand. This idea of America being a multicultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. As Americans…… we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle. This culture has been developed over centuries of struggles, trials, and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.
We speak ENGLISH, not Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic,
Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish
to become part of our society, learn the language!
“In God We Trust” is our national motto. This is not some
Christian, right wing, political slogan. We adopted this motto because
Christian men and women……on Christian principles…… founded this
nation…… and this is clearly documented. It is certainly
appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends
you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new
home…….because God is part of our culture.
If Stars and Stripes offend you, or you don’t like Uncle Sam, then you should
seriously consider a move to another part of this planet. We are happy
with our culture and have no desire to change, and we really don’t care how you did things where you came from. This is OUR COUNTRY, our land, and
our lifestyle. Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to
express his opinion and we will allow you every opportunity to do so!
But once you are done complaining……. whining…… and griping……. about
our flag……. our pledge…… our national motto……..or our way of
life….I highly encourage you to
take advantage of one other Great American Freedom…….
It is Time for America to Speak up
If you agree — pass this along;
if you don’t agree — delete it!
I figure if we all keep passing this to our friends (and enemies) it will also,
sooner or later get back to the complainers, lets all try, please!
If you can read this, thank a teacher or home schooling parent.
If you can read this in English, thank a veteran!”
My friend added this…
“(I don’t’ think this is a part of the original article, but I liked it, so I included it.)
One more thing I’d like to add here…..STOP coming to our country pregnant so you can become a citizen! You wanna come here fine do it LEGALLY! Quit raping our country simply b/c yours is fucked up. If you didn’t like it there, imagine what it’s doing to those of us here who actually DO belong here to see our country going to hell in a fucking hand-basket and all b/c something we said or did “hurt your feelings” BOO FUCKING HOO If you want so badly to be here and to belong, then educate yourselves. Do it the legal way instead of the border jumping bullshit way. Most importantly LEARN THE FUCKING LANGUAGE. This country has never been bilingual nor shall it be simply b/c you don’t understand. I shouldn’t have to “press 1 for English” I’M AN AMERICAN. ENGLISH IS WHAT I SPEAK. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you… if you don’t like it GET THE FUCK OUT. and NO if you “press nu eve this won’t come up in spanish.” Get a translator you waste of fucking space.”
Again, I agree


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